Artem Sapegin

Hi.I’m Artem Sapegin, a frontend developer at Wayfair, award-losing photographer, bouldering enthusiast, coffee consumer and dog friend, living in Berlin, Germany.

My nerdy writings

Blog about frontend

My photography

Gallery and blog about photography

My books

  • Washing your code. Write once, read seven times

    Writing clean JavaScript code

  • SurviveJS — Maintenance (co-author)

    JavaScript open source project maintenance

My projects

React Styleguidist

React component development environment


Codemods for your project config files


Minimalistic SSH deployment


Node.js objects inspector with color highlighting

Stack Styled

React component to make stack layouts easy

React Group

Render React children with a separator


Personal opinionated frontend framework


Typography enhancer for Node.js

Textlint rules

Check and fix your tech writing with Textlint


Dark and light code color schemes


Scripts for better Git workflow (maintainer)

Jest cheat sheet

Everything you need to write tests

Awesome component-driven development

Curated list of links on design systems


My macOS environment: zsh, Git, VS Code, etc.

Contact me

Drop me a line at or ask me anything.