Hey, I’m Artem!

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I write about frontend development

Sometimes, I also speak on conferences.

I do things sometimes

See many more projects on GitHub.

I make photos of trees, buildings, and things

Saxon Switzerland forest, Germany
Dawn in Berlin, Germany
Foggy Berliner Dom, Germany
Sunrise in Rome, Italy

See more of my photos and my photography zine.

I learn how to cook great food

Tres leches cake
Svekolnik (cold borscht)
Cottage cheesecake

My favorite cuisines to cook are Russian, Mexican, Korean, and Italian. And my girlfriend and I are collecting recipes.

I make things from leather

Leather goods I have made

Check out my digital leather patterns on Etsy.

I drink lots of coffee


No milk, no sugar, preferably filter. Dark and bitter, like life. Check out my pour over coffee timer.

I may (or may not) look like this

Artem Sapegin is making a photo
Artem Sapegin is drinking coffee
Artem Sapegin is making a photo

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