Hey, I’m Artem!

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I write about frontend development

Sometimes, I also speak on conferences.

I do things sometimes

See many more projects on GitHub.

I make photos of trees, buildings, and things

Saxon Switzerland forest, Germany
Dawn in Berlin, Germany
Foggy Berliner Dom, Germany
Sunrise in Rome, Italy

See more photos on my photography site.

I learn how to cook great food

Tres leches cake
Svekolnik (cold borscht)
Cottage cheesecake

My favorite cuisines to cook are Russian, Mexican, Korean, and Italian. And my girlfriend and I are collecting recipes.

I make things from leather

Leather goods I have made

Check out my digital leather patterns on Etsy.

I drink lots of coffee


No milk, no sugar, preferrably filter. Dark and bitter, like life. Check out my pour over coffee timer.

I may (or may not) look like this

Artem Sapegin is making a photo
Artem Sapegin is drinking coffee
Artem Sapegin is making a photo

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