Add the fucking change log

Every time I upgrade my project’s dependencies using npm-upgrade and it cannot find a changelog I create an issue titled “Add change log”. Most of them were ignored, sometimes maintainers answer something that means “fuck off”, very rarely they listen.

Running npm-upgrade in terminal

A good changelog answers these questions for the project’s user:

  • What’s the new value for my project in the new version?
  • What are the breaking changes?
  • How can I migrate my codebase to the new version?
  • Were my issues fixed?

A changelog is a tool that helps you decide to upgrade or not and to evaluate the benefits and the cost of the upgrade.

A good changelog is:

  • Written for humans, not computers.
  • Understandable by users, not just contributors.
  • Not a Git commit log.
  • Written by a project maintainer — don’t ask for a pull request.

You should read this awesome guide and add a changelog to your open source project today.