Squirrelsong Light Theme for Marta File Manager

Squirrelsong Light theme for Marta File Manager

#Installation from GitHub

  1. Download Squirrelsong Light.theme and put it to ~/Library/Application Support/org.yanex.marta/Themes.

  2. Download SquirrelsongLight.ettyTheme and put it to /Applications/Marta.app/Contents/Resources/Themes.

  3. Open Preferences and add the following configuration to point to the new theme:

    behavior {
        theme "Squirrelsong Light"
    etty {
        theme "SquirrelsongLight"
        fonts {
            normal [ "MonoLisa" 15 ]
  4. Restart the app for the changes to take effect.

Note Please note that the embedded terminal doesn’t seem to take some of the configuration colors into effect for some reason and uses system accent color instead of the configured one.

Squirrelsong themes are low-contrast color schemes with great readability for web developers and non-distracting UI themes for many apps. It’s also available for:

Alfred, Bear, Brave, CotEditor, Google Chrome, IntelliJ IDEA, iTerm2, JetBrains, Marta File Manager, Microsoft Edge, Midnight Commander, Neovim, Nimble Commander, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, Slack, Sublime Text, Telegram, Terminal.app, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Vivaldi, Warp, WebStorm, WezTerm

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