Squirrelsong Dark Theme for Warp

Squirrelsong dark theme for Warp

#Installation from GitHub

  1. To start, create the following directory: mkdir -p ~/.warp/themes/.

Note It may take several minutes for Warp to initially discover the new themes directory. You can either wait or restart Warp.

  1. Copy the squirrelsong_dark.yaml to this directory.
  2. Open Settings, then Appearance.
  3. Press Current theme box under Themes section.
  4. Select Squirrelsong Dark in Themes list.

Squirrelsong themes are low-contrast color schemes with great readability for web developers and non-distracting UI themes for many apps. It’s also available for:

Alfred, Bear, Brave, CotEditor, Google Chrome, IntelliJ IDEA, iTerm2, JetBrains, Marta File Manager, Microsoft Edge, Midnight Commander, Neovim, Nimble Commander, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, Slack, Sublime Text, Telegram, Terminal.app, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Vivaldi, Warp, WebStorm, WezTerm

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