Squirrelsong Light and Dark Deep Purple Themes for Slack

Squirrelsong Light theme for Slack

Squirrelsong Dark Deep Purple theme for Slack


  1. Copy the values below for the light theme:


    Or these values for the dark theme:

  2. Open Preferences → Themes in Slack.

  3. Select Light or Dark at the top Color Mode section.

  4. Under the Custom theme tab, in Theme colors section, click on ↑ Import.

  5. Paste the colors you copied from the previous step in the text field.

Squirrelsong themes are low-contrast color schemes with great readability for web developers and non-distracting UI themes for many apps. It’s also available for:

Alfred, Bear, Brave, CotEditor, Google Chrome, IntelliJ IDEA, iTerm2, JetBrains, Marta File Manager, Microsoft Edge, Midnight Commander, Neovim, Nimble Commander, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, Slack, Sublime Text, Telegram, Terminal.app, Vim, Visual Studio Code, Vivaldi, Warp, WebStorm, WezTerm

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